earth essences

Earth essences are the vibrational imprint of a plant, stone or animal with powerful planetary support streaming in from above as well. The energies held in the springwater assist in healing our emotional and spiritual bodies and are often beneficial additions to other healing modalities such as reiki, rolfing or massage, yoga and meditation practices, counseling sessions, journey work, wilderness hikes and more. Trust your intuition when choosing an essence, listen to your body, it knows the way.

American Water Willow Flower Essence
American Water Willow blossoms infused under the Taurus Sun and New Moon at Pedernales Falls in Texas ~
Like the water that weaves between the stems of this plant, this essence works its way through your central channel, clearing energy and creating an open channel for centering and meditation practices.

Aquamarine Gem Essence

Mt. Antero Aquamarine infused in Springwater under the Aquarius New Moon 2023 on the Deschutes River ~

This aquamarine was hand mined from the wilds of Mt. Antero in Colorado. This gem medicine separates out the multi-dimensional frames of complex and compounded trauma so one may work through each aspect with more clarity. It also brings in the flowing energy of the river to see that periods of what may feel like stagnation are necessary slow downs to look deeper into the source of what is being worked through. The Aquarian energy invites us to recognize our personal sovereignty and choose how we are engaging with collective power systems, electrical, authoritarian and cosmic.

Black & Blue ~ Cosmic 1-2 Gem Essence

Black & Blue Kyanite infused under the Libra Full Moon opposing Chiron ~

The Earth Scalpel. Points to the dissonant thread that weaves through all of one's stories in the astral and physical bodies, and assists in extracting its source point. This essence creates an energetic fortress around one's true receptive vessel of the body, a gatekeeper for what moves in and out of one's aura. It dissolves any misleading emotional energies that hold one captive in a story cycle, leaving clear and precise information from your inner senses to guide the journey forward. Supports the development of a fixed vertical channel, well seated in Earth.

Blue Kyanite Gem Essence

Blue Kyanite gem infused under the Aries Sun & Libra Full Moon ~

Brings heartened clarity to one's needs as relationships are rebalancing to align with shifting priorities. Assists in clear communication of these needs and opens one's heart to fully and gratefully receive the gifts. This essence also assists in deepening one's discernment into sensed but unspoken attachments that some offerings may come with, allowing for "no" to be a complete conversation.

Chaparral Flower Essence

Chaparral Blossoms infused under the Taurus sun in the Nevada desert ~

A powerful and clear guide on one's journey. Chaparral provides clarity when at a crossroads in life to choose the path for one's highest evolution. Ask questions when sitting with this essence. A strong protector of one's energy. A guide for souls when crossing the threshold of death, in all of its forms.

ET Quartz Gem Essence

Extraterrestrial Quartz infused under the Taurus Sun and New Moon ~
Opens a channel for exploration of other beings and dimensions of the cosmos. Have solid boundary and discernment practices when working with this essence.

Gate Opener Gem & Flower Essence

Acacia Blossoms infused under the Taurus Sun in a Quartz Geode ~
Gently opens and activates one's crown chakra, and connects one to angelic realms for earthly support. 

Green Chlorite Quartz Gem Essence

Green Chlorite Quartz cluster infused under the Aquarius New Moon on the Deschutes River ~

This essence brings one's consciousness to the spiritual heart and its interconnectedness with all Earthly life, plant beings, animal beings, elementals and the spirit of Earth itself. It reminds us of our place as receivers and mediators between Earth and Air and realigns one's spirit to move in harmony within this great cosmic web, like the flowing river current.

Heart Weaver Gem & Flower Essence

Beargrass blossoms and Shiva Smoky Quartz infused under the ingressed Leo Sun on the shore of Heart Lake at Mt. Shasta ~
Supports one in weaving within the new Source grids and calibrates one's energy to the reality of non-duality. Also weaves an energetic basket of support around one's heart, providing strength and fierce love for transmuting karmic and cosmic energies.

Moon Shadow Gem & Flower Essence

Datura Blossom and Black Moonstone infused under the 2017 Aquarius Full Moon and Eclipse in southern New Mexico ~

Provides deep visioning and contemplation of one's shadow aspects for profound transformation. A powerful ally when embarking on the dark night of the soul. A truly multi-dimensional essence, this may also work with one as a light guide throughout the integration process of deep soul work. *Have a solid mental grounding and a network of support when embarking on this journey with Datura.

Nuummite Gem Essence

Nuummite Stone infused under the Pisces Sun and Virgo Full Moon ~ 

Nuummite is the oldest mineral known on Earth, formed in the fire of its belly 3.5 billion years ago, and hand mined from the glaciers of Greenland. This essence powerfully grounds one's energy to the Earth's core, bringing a deep, silent calm to one's field for clear contemplation and manifestation work.

Ocotillo Flower & Gem Essence

Ocotillo Blossoms in a Quartz Geode infused under the Taurus Sun in the Chihuahuan Desert ~ 

Helps one to break free of energetic loops that may still be present in ones body after energy work already done. This spirit also works with releasing and processing anger while integrating one's divine fire energy in the lower chakras.

Oregon Grape Flower Essence

Oregon Grape Root Blossoms infused under the Taurus Sun in Central Oregon ~

Awakens and anchors golden star light and consciousness from the higher soul down into one's energetic root, supporting the necessary clearing and restructuring of this foundation. Supports processes of regeneration, attracting vital life force to one's physical and energetic bodies.

Rainbow Obsidian Gem Essence

Oregon Rainbow Obsidian infused under the Pisces Sun and Virgo Full Moon ~

Opens inner mirrored portals in the body for contemplative questioning and insights. Useful in shielding work, returning projections from outside sources back to their source. 

Red Desert Terrain Essence

Oregon High Desert Wildflowers, Juniper Berries, Volcanic Stone & Quartz Geode infused in Springwater with Mescal under the Jupiter-North Node conjunction and Venus-Pluto opposition.

Made on Jupiter day at Jupiter hour.

The soul is a desert where one journeys in solitude to access the spirit of the depths, individuating oneself from the cultural zeitgeist aka the spirit of the times. This desert essence supports the expansion inward to navigate the many levels of hell that make up this hidden soul terrain. It brings forth a thread of gratitude in the darkness of this annihilation. A companion to Carl Jung's The Red Book.

Sacred Chalice Flower & Gem Essence

Penstemon Blossoms with Colorado Calcite and Arizona Amethyst infused under the Gemini Sun ~

Reawakens one to the joy in the present moment, filling ones sacral/sacred cup with laughter and dance.

Shiva Snakeskin​ Animal & Gem Essence

Albino Ball Python Snakeskin and Celestite infused under the Pisces Sun and Virgo Full Moon ~

An essence for the transitional time in one's process of radical transformation, where the necessary unraveling of one's life is in full swing and it feels like there is little stability or insight available. This assists in keeping one in this Neptunian state of dissolution and it's many forms of discomfort, allowing space for the pure potential of what is brewing to fully gestate before emerging. Celestite opens a channel to one's personal star guides, who hold keys of unlocking one's great soul journey. 

Tobacco & Smoke, Flower & Air Essence

Tobacco blossoms infused under the Sun and Smoke filled skies of Fire Season 2020 in Central Oregon ~

Centers one's inner guidance to our higher spirit. Carries and translates intentions for clear communication between earthly and cosmic realms. Assists in removing what keeps one from moving freely on their spiritual path in this lifetime. Supports the transition from physical smoking to a spirit based relationship.

Yarrow Flower Essence

Yarrow blossoms infused under the Virgo Sun in Central Oregon ~

Yarrow strengthens one's energy field, clearing the space from disruptive radiation and electromagnetic energies. It also supports one in establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries.

Essences are available by request ~

 $20 per 1/2oz bottle, or 3 for $55. Local pickup available in Bend, OR or domestic shipping available for an additional $10.