Progressed Astrology Consultations

Progressed astrological consultations provide a pragmatic navigational guide for one to understand how the planets fractal and cyclical influences affect, and ultimately support, one's evolution at this time on Earth. This ancient art can offer a greater context for framing past experiences and challenges, allowing for a deepening of the meaning and wisdom held in these pivotal moments to transform present frameworks of life. Upcoming transitions are also mapped out, allowing for conscious preparation to move with the flow of energies streaming in from these heavenly wandering bodies. Jasmine draws from her personal experiences of transformation and the synthesis of her studies in astrology, herbalism, energy medicine, ancestral work, tarot and just plain old double-Virgo practical advice that helps. 

~ Your consultation begins with an initial intake, a short (~15 min) phone call where we will discuss your intention and focus for the reading. Please share any spiritual, emotional or physical insights into your current state that intuitively come up at this time. I will take a cursory look at your natal chart while we are speaking for a golden thread to follow into deeper layers of your unfolding story.


~ Using the tropical zodiac and whole sign house system, I analyze a combination of your natal chart, secondary progressions and notable transits, following the golden thread of our initial discussion. 

~ We will commence with a final meeting in person or over the phone to open up the chart insights (~2 hours), this is a combination of teaching how the planetary cycles work in fractals and reading into how they may influence your human story on Earth. Your reflections and questions on what is shared here will open the gates for more information to stream in, and provide guidance for navigating upcoming celestial / terrestrial events and evolutions. 


+++ Progressed Astrology Consultation


+++ Consultation + Scribe Sheets an artfully hand written set of "cosmic worksheets" (usually 4-6 pages in length), that record key dates and cycles of your planetary journey, with their accompanying energies to track as events unfold in your life. 


+++ The Planetary Apothecary addition brings in the support of a 1/2oz flower or gem essence from the wild apothecary that supports a key planet or cycle you are working with. A 5-card Tarot reading from the Thoth deck provides further guidance in your work together. 


+++ Follow-up meeting / phone call for continued support and guidance 

       $120 / hour