heart wrench studio

Progressed Astrology 

Learn how this fractal of your natal chart gives context for pivotal past events and guidance for your ongoing evolution on this planet.


Reconnect with the elements of the Earth with custom tools for spiritual work and healing. Hand stitched leatherwork, rattles, wands and more.

Earth Essences 

Vibrational gem, plant and animal essences work on the subtle bodies to support one's emotional and spiritual health in times of great transformation.


The divinatory art of tarot provides intuitively channeled wisdom and guidance on the journey of life with support from elements, planets and ancient archetypes.

Upcoming Classes & Events

First Friday Downtown Artwalk
June 7 at Arcane Mercantile
Heart Wrench Studio & Chipaway Studio are vending their earth & metal wares amongst the crystal magic of Arcane.
113 Minnesota Ave

Palate Locals Pop-Up Market

Saturday June 8
10am-2pm at Palate Coffee
Join Foxtail Bakeshop, Heart Wrench Studio and more community creatives for a unique and delicious morning at our favorite coffee shop in Bend!
643 NW Colorado Ave 

High Desert Herb Talks with Jasmine

If you would like to host a plant walk on your land or have one as part of an event please email me at heartwrenchstudio@proton.me

The Journey

Jasmine Kocie ~ a generalist at heart, educated through the remembrance of ancient agreements, Earth and many other souls on the journey. Spirit astrologer. Folk herbalist with a deep focus on plant spirit connection, wilderness herbal first aid, homeopathy and grandma medicine. Deals in the unseen workings of ancestral healing & reconnection, home and land energetic grid healing and body energy work. Listener of elements, plants, stones and animals. Artist and crafter of ancient ways ~ hand drawn illustration and painting, hand stitched leather work, ritual tools and talismans, altar construction, hide tanning, gem collecting and often more. Tenth house Gemini, jack of all trades and mastering a few this round. 

Zodiacal season astrology writings by Jasmine

earth rhythms dance form

walk upon bones, grieve and praise

true song ringing forth