spirit illustration

Black & white ink drawings from visions had while connecting to the unseen realm of plants, mushrooms, animals and lands. Each piece a portal to connect with and contemplate the energy and wisdom held by the beings present. Available as digital prints by request.

water portal paintings

An ongoing series of acrylic paintings that anchor the water element from a grand water trine in the cosmos onto the canvas. Each carries a frequency wave that is actively clearing stagnant energies and blessing the space with the healing energy of water. 

lymphatic body brushes

Hand-wound cactus fiber brushes for dry brushing practices that support the body's natural flow of lymph.

ritual tools

Hand crafted tools of the Earth that support focused connection and healing work with her.

custom art channeling

Do you have a soul project that needs visuals channeled for its release into the world? I create custom, analog art for Earth focused projects including product branding, album art, clothing designs, posters, announcements and more. Lets see what potential wants to be drawn.

The Loving Fungi

Product and apparel art for a rad local mushroom company

Sacred Journey School of Herbalism

Herb inspired artwork for the adornment of plant lovers everywhere


Album art for their magic Earth song ~ Golden Artifact {giclee prints available}